Trail Hazards & Safety

Nothing ruins a nice day out on the trail more than a mishap of any sort.  Personal safety and awareness are important elements to achieve the greatest enjoyment from your outdoor experience.

Explore the topics under this heading to stay safe and have a great experience on the trail.

Common Conditions to Prepare For

Here are a few things that are important to be aware of, how to deal with them:

Condition:  Blisters
How to recognize it:  Soreness from chafing;  redness or bubble on the skin
What to doBefore a blister develops, adjust equipment to minimize the rubbing.  If a blister has already developed & you have more walking to do,stop, pop, and bandage.

More/optional reading:  Tips on preventing blisters

Condition:  Muscle Cramping 

How to recognize it:  Sharp pain in muscles, hardening of the muscular tissue in the affected area.
What to do:  Stop hiking.  Drink some water and eat something salty.  Massage the muscle until cramping ceases.



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