Photos from the Trail

Enjoy browsing through these photos of class hikes from the current semester as well as prior semesters.  To view photos, click on the first one of each batch to start the slide show.  If you’d like to show off some of your own photos, just add a link to your online photo album in the comments.  If you’d like some great tips on how to take awesome outdoor photos, check out this article.  (BTW, CEG = Cumulative Elevation Gain)

Yeager Loop, Spring 2015 (7.4 mi/1450′ CEG)

Cathedral Surprise, Spring 2015 (5 mi/900′ CEG)

Boynton Canyon, Spring 2015 (7 mi/977′ CEG)

Battlement Mesa, Spring 2015 (4.7 mi/925′ CEG)

Mescal Mountain, Spring 2015 (4 mi/785′ CEG)

Steamboat Rock, Spring 2015 (3.4 mi/1000′ CEG)

Ledge House Ruin, Spring 2015 (4.5 mi/730′ CEG)

Turkey Ramble, Spring 2015 (4.6 mi/750′ CEG)

North Wilson Mountain, Fall 2014 (5 mi/1200′ CEG)

Bear to the Left, Fall 2014 (5 mi/1100′ CEG)

Courthouse Heights, Fall 2014 (4.9 mi/1500′ CEG)

Ice Cream Cone Ruins, Fall 2014 (5.5 mi/1260′ CEG)

Munds Wagon to Merry-Go-Round, Fall 2014 (4.5 mi/1150′ CEG)

Walker Basin, Fall 2014 (4.9 mi/1300′ CEG)

Soldier’s Pass Arches, Fall 2014 (3.5 mi/750′ CEG)

Jail Trail/Verde River Greenway, Fall 2014 (5.3 mi/100′ CEG)

Mingus Loop, Spring 2014 (4.6mi/1450′ CEG)

Dogie Trail, Spring 2014 (4.5 mi/1250′ CEG)

Cathedral Rock Loop, Spring 2014 (3.7 mi/1680′ CEG)

Cockscomb/Rupp/Girdner, Spring 2014 (6 mi/1250′ CEG)

Damfino/Hangover/Munds Wagon Loop, Spring 2014 (6.5 mi/1600′ CEG)

Big Park Loop to Rabbit Ears, Spring 2014 (5 mi/1000′ CEG)

Bell/Weir, Spring 2014 (5.8 mi/300′ CEG)

Broken Arrow/Llama, Spring 2014 (5.5 mi/975′ CEG)

Sterling Pass, Fall 2013 (3.75 mi/800′ CEG)

Hiline/Transept, Fall 2013 (7 mi/1350′ CEG)

Chuckwagon to Devil’s Bridge & Beyond, Fall 2013 (6 mi/1225′ CEG)

Jordan/Javelina Loop, Fall 2013 (4.5 mi/900′ CEG)

Parson’s Trail/Sycamore Canyon, Fall, 2013 (4.5 mi/950′ CEG)

Secret Cyn/David Miller/Bear Sign Loop, Spring 2013 (7 mi/1300′ CEG)

Mormon Canyon Overlook, Spring 2013 (4.5 mi/1200’CEG)

Mescal Mountain, Spring 2013 (4 mi/750′ CEG)

Turkey Feather, Spring 2013 (4.25 mi/1200′ CEG)

Courthouse Loop, Spring 2013 (5 mi/400′ CEG)

Airport Loop, Spring 2013 (4 mi/550′ CEG)

Cowpies/Hangover Loop, Fall 2012 (5.5 mi/1480′ CEG)

Damfino/Marg’s Draw Loop, Fall 2012 (3.25 mi/1000′ CEG)

Bear Mountain, Fall 2012 (4 mi/1450′ CEG)

North Urban Trail System, Fall 2012 (5 mi/1280′ CEG)

Three Ruins Loop, Fall 2012 (3.5 mi/900′ CEG)

Adobe/Grand Central/Crusty Loop, Fall 2012 (4.75 mi/700′ CEG)

Hogs Loop, Fall 2012 (5.5 mi/1200′ CEG)

Red Rock State Park via Turkey Creek, Fall 2012 (5.25 mi/680′ CEG)


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