Upcoming Hikes

I’m kicking it into high gear these next couple of weeks, in preparation for our big Canyon trip.  Here’s a tentative schedule (i.e. subject to change) of what I’m planning to do.  You’re welcome to tag along on any of these hikes that look interesting.

This is not written in stone.  If you’re interested in one of these hikes, but it’s on a day that you can’t make it, just let me know, and I can maybe do some shuffling.  Get in touch if you’d like to go on any of these so that we can set meeting time and location.

Happy trails…..


Grand Canyon Adventure:  Tanner/Escalante/Grandview loop (Oct. 6-11)

John and I have a permit to hike the Grand Canyon in October, and have some spaces available.  If you think you might be interested, read on…..

This will be a 6 day backpacking trip, with 5 days and 4 nights within the canyon.  Here’s the itinerary:

  • Day 1 (Oct. 6):  Drive to south rim and car camp on the rim, at Desert View CG inside Grand Canyon National Park
  • Day 2 (Oct. 7):  Set up shuttle, and begin hiking.  Descend Tanner Trail (click on link for detailed description of trail) to Tanner Beach & rapids
  • Day 3-4 (Oct. 8-9):  Travel west on Escalante Route to Hance Rapids
  • Day 5 (Oct. 10):  Begin the ascent out of the canyon via Tonto trail to Hance Creek
  • Day 6 (Oct. 11):   Complete ascent via Grandview Trail, and drive back to Verde Valley

This is a challenging trip, and not for beginners.  If you’ve done some backpacking, and are a strong hiker, then this could be a very exciting opportunity.  

To get an idea of what this trip entails, here are some videos and trip reports you might want to take a look at:

  • There are several videos on youtube, but most are poor quality.  Here is a decent 2-part video I found on the route:  Part 1       Part 2
  • This trip report includes a link to a bunch of still photos as well as video clips from various aspects of the trip.
  • This backpacker.com trip report includes a couple of side trips that we won’t be doing, but gives you another perspective.  Backpacker.com also recently ran an article about the best 100 miles in the national park system. The Escalante Route claimed 9 of those miles.  

If you think you might be interested, please let me know, and I can fill you in on details and answer any questions you may have.


Fun Hike, Wed. 9/16: Ice Cream Cone Ruins

Since I’ve hiked so much in the Sedona area, people often ask me what my favorite hike is.  That’s always hard to answer, but this one has taken a spot at or very near the top of the list.  The very special ambiance of the ruin site, the interesting pictographs, the stunning views, the fun and challenging scramble…..this hike provides all the best that Sedona has to offer.

I’ve had a special request for a redo of this hike, so if you’d like to make a return trip or maiden voyage, now is your chance.  If you’re not sure you want to go, check out the photos, and you’ll be sold.

Click here for all the details.  As usual, please let me know if you plan to attend.

Happy trails…..

Reminder:  Fun Hike this Saturday

Just a quick reminder that there is a Fun Hike scheduled for this Saturday morning. I’m still recovering from my knee injury, but exercising it daily.  So although I may not be 100%, this is an easy hike, and we’ll take it at a comfortable pace.  

Click for details:  West Fork Fun Hike 

Please let me know if you plan to attend.  Thanks, and hope to see you there.

Announcing Two Fun Hikes

As you may have heard, the hiking class has basically been shut down by the Forest Service due to an issue with a Special Use Permit, i.e. we don’t have one, and it’s no easy task to get one.  But the “Powers that Be” are working on it.

In the meantime, they can’t keep us avid hikers from enjoying each other’s company as we commune with nature.  So I’d like to announce a couple of upcoming Fun Hikes.  Mark your calendar, and come on out!

Friday, August 14:  Parson’s Trail at Sycamore Canyon

Saturday, August 29:  West Fork of Oak Creek

Just click on the links for details, and let me know if you plan to attend, or if you have questions.

Happy trails…..

Fun Hike, Sun. 7/5:  White Box & Hanging Gardens of West Clear Creek

Wanna beat the heat this holiday weekend?

John and I plan to hike White Box & Hanging Gardens of West Clear Creek on Sunday 7/5.  We will meet anyone else who wants to go at the Chevron station just west of I-17, in Camp Verde (where the Wendy’s is) at 8:00 a.m.  We’ll carpool to the trail head from here.  

This hike starts just off of 260, up on the Mogollon Rim, dropping quickly into West Clear Creek Canyon.  Once at the bottom of the canyon, it’s a fairly short distance downstream to the White Box, and then a little further on to Hanging Gardens.  Once we get there, we can decide whether that’s a good turn around point, or if we want to continue on down the creek for a bit farther.  This is an out and back hike. 

Bring a snack and a lunch, wear shoes that are suitable for wet hiking/swimming, and wear quick-dry clothing or a swim suit.  Expect to walk and swim in the water a good bit of the time while in the canyon. You may want to bring along a floatie ring or pool noodle for floating your pack through the deeper pools.  Check out the link above for more details about what to expect.  

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you plan to come.