Everyday Objects for Emergency Situations

Bandanna (or extra shirt)


Everyone brings a shirt or bandanna into the backcountry. Here, 9 ways to increase its usefulness. Use it to…

  1. Make rope (cut into thin strips and twist).
  2. Crudely filter water or collect dew for drinking.
  3. Make a schemag (traditional Arab headdress) to protect face/eyes from sunlight/dust/sandstorm.
  4. Make a hat/neck gaiter. For a cooling gaiter, wet it, then wrap.
  5. Mark a trail (cut into small pieces) or signal for help.
  6. Fashion an arm sling.
  7. Make a tourniquet or bandage.
  8. Rig a hobo bag (to carry essentials if you get separated from your pack).
  9. Make char cloth. By burning cotton in an enclosed container, you can create an excellent firestarter that ignites with the merest of sparks.
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Rope is Handy Too (Extra/Optional Reading):

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