The sport of hiking is not an equipment intensive venture. A comfortable pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, and something to carry water and supplies is about all you’ll need to get started. However, like any sport, the more you get into it, the more elaborate equipment you may want to consider purchasing.

In large part, the more adventuresome you decide to become with your hiking activities, the more equipment you’ll want to invest in. This is especially true if you decide to advance from simple day hikes to more challenging overnight adventures. But this class is a hiking class, not a backpacking class, so we’re going to keep it simple.

If you’re interested, Expert Village has a collection of videos on choosing equipment.

How to Choose Hiking Boots & Hiking Shoes

How to Choose Hiking & Trekking Poles

How to Choose Hiking Water Gear to Keep You Hydrated

How to Choose Hiking Rain Gear & Stay Dry When Hiking

How to Choose and Use a Backpack for a Day Hike

Picking Hiking Socks

Picking Day Hike Fanny Packs


2 thoughts on “Equipment”

  1. The Link for Expert Villiage’s collection of videos on choosing equipment gives an error message: “The playlist does not exist.”

    In looking at ExpertVilliage, the hiking and camping info is from Their lists of videos starts at

    The videos on hiking equipment seem to be
    (1) Backpacking & Camping Tips : How to Pack a Backpack for Hiking at
    (2) Backpacking & Camping Tips : How Should a Hiking Backpack Fit? at

    The whole list of videos is at

    1. Thanks for the info, Margie. I deleted the nonfunctional link to the video collection and replaced it with links to individual videos. I’ll check out the ones you found as well.

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