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letsgoDo you have a burning hiking-related question?  Post it here in the comments, and see what kind of advice it generates from other members of the class or your teacher.


4 thoughts on “Ask a Question…Get an Answer”

  1. Hi Trisha,
    I am not a student but your blog came up when I was looking more information on Calloway Trail #33.
    Do you remember if you started here or did you took West Clear Creek trailhead #17? I have a group going next week that are not avid hikers so I’m trying to cut the 22 mile trail to 15 by starting at white box.

    1. After starting out on the Long Canyon trailhead, go in about 1 mile. You’ll see the remnants of an old wooden fence beside the trail. If you reach the junction with Deadman’s Pass, you’ve gone too far. Just before the fence is a trail cutting off to the left towards Mescal Mountain. There may be some wood thrown across it at the beginning, but it’s a pretty good social trail. Follow that for about 5 minutes, and watch for a trail on the right. You’ll see the cave up on the cliff face, and there are a couple of different trails cutting over towards it. It’s a short climb to reach the cave. You can return to the trail that goes to Mescal Mountain and take that up the mountain. It requires a little scrambling to get there, but the views are worth the effort!

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