Meet Your Instructor

AngelLandTr 051
Hiking up the Angel’s Landing Trail to West Rim in Zion NP

Hi, I’m  Trisha.  I’ve been an avid hiker for many years, and have had the opportunity to explore many nooks and crannies in the Verde Valley/Sedona area since I first moved here in 1994 (and even before that as a visitor to the area).  I also enjoy exploring other environs far and wide.  In addition to hiking, I also enjoy spending extended times in the backcountry through multi-day back packing trips.  I’ve hiked many of the trails in the Grand Canyon this way.  In fact, just about any activity that entails spending time out of doors is high on my list of things I like to spend time doing….camping, kayaking, and more recently, gaining some canyoneering skills such as rappelling.

REC112: Hiking Fitness has been offered in the Verde Valley since spring of 2008.  I have an extensive background in higher education, having worked in community colleges as well as 4-year universities for the past 30+ years coordinating programs, advising students, and managing student services.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce others to the exhilaration of hiking and the beautiful surroundings that we’re fortunate to live amidst here in the Verde Valley.  I also enjoy incorporating some of my general knowledge as a “naturalist” and amateur history enthusiast.  So in addition to the hiking trails that you’ll be visiting this semester, you may also hear a few interesting tales about the early settlers to the region, or learn how to identify some of the flora and fauna that we’ll see along the trail.


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